Mandala - Presskit

2D bullet hell shooter. Let the flow inspire you while coloring geometric figures and discover more about yourself through immersive moods.


Key info

  • Title: Mandala
  • Subtitle: a color shooter game
  • Genre: 2D shooter
  • Platform: Windows
  • Price: 6,59€
  • Release date: 11th march
  • Game engine: Game maker studio 2.3
  • Created by Alessandro "AlexoFalco" Falconi


Mandalas are like a boss fight, each with a specific attack scheme and movements. The player controls a lotus flower, that can shoot 4 colors, each a different brush (weapon). Goal in this game is to color completely mandala and not to die

Game experience

The game's rhythm is not hectic, but it requires concentration and reflexes nonetheless: the mandala shoots slow and numerous bullets which move in a rotating fashion. The complex patterns are hard to predict and feel hypnotic. The colors and the music help creating a strong sense of immersion, aided by a steady gameplay rhythm.


One day I was in the kitchen and my girlfriend was coloring a mandala: something she does often, she always says that coloring relaxes her, especially geometries like these. So I look at his beautiful drawing for a few seconds and think aloud: "it would come out just a nice boss fight with a drawing like this". The idea then became that of a bullet hell game with only boss fight, the only protagonists were the mandalas. Why not, add the concept of "coloring book" into it, a game that wants to immerse, concentrate the player just as happens when you color a mandala with crayons and markers.


  • Immersive, hypnotic gameplay
  • 8 mandalas to color with a pastel-styled book
  • 32 colors and 8 brushes to unleash your creativity
  • In-game editor for sharing your inspiration on social media